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A dash cam will save you £££'s - And enable you to hold bad drivers to account. 

**NEW** HD £199 
HD - £299 
**SPECIAL** HD £249 
**NEW** HD £299 
HD - £249 
FREE 'LIFE' membership included with any dash cam 
Protect yourself, your car and your motoring costs 
Our members get genuine cheaper car insurance!* 
2nd year premium 'price locked' at first years price!* 
Hold bad drivers to account with real police action  
Easy plug & play - records automatically on ignition 
Report those who put others in harms way 
Enjoy a host of membership benefits - see below 
All dash-cams include lifetime  
membership to our unique service. 
*This is a brand new members benefit being launched on 31st April 2014. Members using their dash cams daily will receive genuine discounts on their car insurance. A public announcement will follow. 
TOO BUSY? SIMPLY REGISTER HERE FREE TODAY AND WE'LL SEND YOU A SUMMARY BY EMAIL - PLUS YOU WILL ALSO RECEIVE OUR FREE GUIDE ON – ‘How to ensure you don’t lose your insurance excess’ - protecting yourself in the case of an accident. 
Police Witness News 
Another dangerous driver taken off the roads.. 
Another dangerous driver has been found guilty of dangerous driving and been disqualified for 12 months. Watch the video here... Read More 
Membership recognition scheme - 
Exclusive for our members, here’s a taste of what is available: 
Boost your spending power with discounts on day-to-day costs including supermarket shopping, high-street stores, DIY, motoring and family finance. Read More 
Can you afford NOT to record your journeys? 
Tens of thousands of motorists are already recording their journeys with windscreen mounted in-car cameras, otherwise known as dash cams - their objective to protect their pride and joy, their driving licence, and their insurance costs...with the added benefit of holding bad drivers to account. 
Using an in-car camera (or dash cam) provides motorists with the ultimate level of protection as you navigate the UK's roads, roads where driving standards continue to decline. Roads that are blighted by drivers who text and use their mobile phones, who tailgate, undertake and who jump red lights, putting us all in needless danger. A dash cam coupled with our unique service provides motorists (and cyclists) with unparalleled protection against those who drive with little regard for other road users, providing protection for you and your family, your pride and joy, your driving licence, and protection of your insurance costs. 
What are the benefits (included with your purchase) of membership?  
There are 3 key areas (among others) where we focus to help the public and our members:  
1) Camera recommendation - steering consumers towards reputable, UK based suppliers offering 'evidential' quality products, exceptional customer service and of course a genuine product warranty. Each recommended camera on our site is supplied with a life-long membership to our unique service. (Which is designed to pay for itself over and over). Click here for camera options
2) Reporting incidents - this is the most unique part of our service. We have a proven track record of holding bad drivers to account, with a host of remedies issued, from fines and points, through to vehicle seizure warnings, compulsory retraining and even drivers banned! All possible without a police officer in sight.  
We liaise with the police in a format they know, understand and can act upon. With decades of policing experience, both front line and strategic, reported incidents from our members (which are reported through our members area) are reviewed with our members interests our primary focus. With an offence confirmed we identify the relevant police force and seek to liaise with a specific point of contact, whilst ensuring the police have all the relevant information necessary to act and hold the reporting bad driver to account. 
3) Representing our members interests - we provide support, advice and representation for our members, liaising with insurers, the police, legal advisors and other third parties such as commercial firms who may have been involved in a reported incident. All our members receive complimentary support through our Insurance Representation Service, plus FREE access to the PoliceWitness Recognition Scheme - a scheme that recognises the efforts of our members, providing discounts, coupons and savings off a wide range of high street names, brands, restaurants and more. Akin to large corporate employee schemes, our recognition scheme is designed to save our members hundreds of pounds each year. Access to this scheme is provided to our customers within 24hrs of receiving your camera or membership order. Read more... 
Enjoy new levels of confidence. Never be a victim again. 
Film and report those who flout the law and mindlessly put you and your family at risk. 
Whether you walk, drive or cycle... absolutely anyone can be a Police Witness, even you. 
Get involved right away, get your dash cam right now 
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We recommend: is liked by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) 
*The service is FREE to all members using a recommended camera as shown in our online shop. If you are using your own in-car camera or dash cam you can purchase an access 'all areas' membership for unlimited use of our service. No other charges apply. Members can submit as many incidents as they wish, free of charge. 
Persons wishing to use our Police Complaints Advocacy Service - please note this service is also provided completely FREE of charge. No membership or purchase is necessary. Click here to go directly to the service
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