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Our endorsed dash cams provide the ultimate protection for you and your family. With the added benefit of holding bad drivers to account. Hundreds of dangerous drivers have faced real police action, all thanks to members of the public like you! 

Don't risk buying a dash cam from just anywhere...get one from PoliceWitness TODAY and enjoy a host of cash benefits, including being paid for your footage! Easy decision! 
Protect yourself, your car and your motoring costs 
FREE 'LIFE' membership included with any dash cam 
Our members get genuine cheaper car insurance! 
Even earn cash from your dash cam footage!  
Dash cams are easy - simply plug it in and go! 
Report those who put others in harms way 
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Enjoy a host of membership benefits - see below 
Another happy member received £200 - Mrs Cohead said: "Having invested in a dash cam to protect my own motoring interests I am delighted that PoliceWitness secured me such a large sum of money when my camera caught a third party incident, thank you PoliceWitness". 
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TOO BUSY? SIMPLY REGISTER HERE FREE TODAY AND WE'LL SEND YOU A SUMMARY BY EMAIL - PLUS RECEIVE OUR FREE GUIDE ON – ‘How to ensure you don’t lose your insurance excess’ - protecting yourself in the case of an accident. is liked by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) 
Can you afford NOT to record your journeys? 
Tens of thousands of motorists are already recording their journeys with windscreen mounted in-car cameras, otherwise known as dash cams - their objective to protect their pride and joy, their driving licence, and their insurance costs...with the added benefit of holding bad drivers to to read more about our unique service. 
Enjoy new levels of confidence with a dash cam. Never be a victim again. 
Film and report those who flout the law and mindlessly put you and your family at risk. 
Whether you walk, drive or cycle... absolutely anyone can be a Police Witness, even you. 

Police Witness News has negotiated the cheapest car insurance in the UK. 
Important news - No gimmicks or marketing ploys, has secured the cheapest car insurance for members using a dash cam in their vehicle. Guaranteed. 
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Boost your spending power with discounts on day-to-day costs including supermarket shopping, high-street stores, DIY, motoring and family finance. Read More 
WITNESS? Have you witnessed a crime or other serious incident but not sure who to speak to? 
The service is FREE to all members using a recommended dash cam as shown in our online shop. If you are using your own in-car camera or dash cam you can purchase an access 'all areas' membership for unlimited use of our service. No other charges apply. Members can submit as many incidents as they wish, free of charge. despite being a company is in the main a philanthropic organisation, with much of what we do personally financed and supported by its founders. Our aim to never turn away someone needing help or support. 
Persons wishing to use our Police Complaints Advocacy Service - please note this service is also provided completely FREE of charge. No membership or purchase is necessary. Click here to go directly to the service
Watch this short video and learn more about PoliceWitness and the benefits of protecting yourself and your motoring costs... 
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